Reliable, process-driven

KMB is a diversified group with investments in retail, distribution and real estate. Founded in 1988 as a manufacturing company KMB soon grew to be one of India’s largest watch strap manufacturers. Today. KMB has under its wing leading companies in retail, distribution and real estate.

KMB Blue

At KMB, we pursue an eco-friendlier way of life, by focusing on locally available resources and practices such as rainwater harvesting, optimising energy consumption, minimising water waste, and more. (You can read about La Palazzo’s specific green features in the Amenities section, if you haven’t already.)

Contributing towards the community.

KMB's core values of delivering experiences and products that are deeply innovative, that are valued by our customers and which contribute to the local society, have led to an organisation that is committed to delivering iconic products and happiness to our customers through inclusive, design-driven decisions.

We offer upwardly mobile families an opportunity to live and flourish within safe and eco-conscious settings, we create vibrant spaces that are designed to match global standards. Integrating local communities and nature conservation is something we constantly look into as well, by supporting education in remote areas and initiating regular participation in eco-drives.

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